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All our batches are weekend batches involving 6 hours over each weekend - 3 hours on Saturday and 3 hours on Sunday.

The timings remain the same on both the days (unless notified well in advance).

You may choose from one of the three time-slots: Morning/Afternoon/Evening. Do check the availability (slot) for various batches at our respective centres.

Personal Support: You will have all the personal support available for your doubt-clearing / counseling / encouragement / motivation / discussion etc. with my support faculty team.


Absolutely comprehensive material (the most exhaustive content on this planet) includes:

  • Basic Concepts
  • Advanced Concepts
  • Concept Books
  • Absolutely unique copyrighted techniques: OCTAVE (RC), PRIME (SC), ACT (CR), ACED (DS), LINGO (PS)
  • GRE session discussion handouts... learn how to solve 750-800 level questions in less than 60 seconds... each question in these handouts is handpicked after a lot of research / deliberation
  • Follow-up exercises to the GRE session handouts
  • Elementary practice (Official Guide, Verbal Review, and Quantitative Review etc.)
  • Advanced practice (10,000 plus questions)... only in 700-800 range
  • Latest real-GMAT questions
  • Mock Test Series
  • All the usual material related to the GMAT in the entire GMAT universe... AGAIN! You are not supposed to refer to anything at all.
  • Detailed solutions to all the questions discussed anywhere in the material


  • 01Week
    Week 1 (Verbal):

    Sat: Knowing the GMAT + RC Session 1
    Sun: RC Session 2 + CR Session 1

  • 02Week
    Week 2 (Quant + Extra Practice):

    Sat: Quant Session 1[DS Traps+Inequalities]
    Sun: Quant Session 2[Absolute Values (Mods)+Statistics]

  • 03Week
    Week 3 (Verbal):

    Sat: SC Session 2 + RC Session 3
    Sun: SC Session 2 + CR Session 2

  • 04Week
    Week 4(Quant + Extra Practice):

    Sat: Quant Session 3 [Number Properties + General Algebra]
    Sun: B-School Admission Counseling Session

  • 05Week
    Week 5 (Verbal):

    Sat: CR Session 3 + SC Session 3
    Sun: RC Session 4 + CR Session 4

  • 06Week
    Week 6 (Quant + Extra Practice + Doubt clearing):

    Sat: Quant Session 4 [Geometry + Co-ordinate geometry]
    Sun: Quant Session 5 [Combinatorics – P&C, Probability]

  • 07Week
    Week 7:

    Sat: Quant Session 6 – [Arithmetic + Miscellaneous Word Problems]
    Sun: SC Session 4 + Discussion of the further steps + Study plan

  • 08Week
    Week 8

    Sat: AWA Section - Analytical Writing Assessment (Analysis of an Argument - Essay)
    Sun: IR (Integrated Reasoning)


Will I get personal attention? Will my doubts be cleared? Will I have direct access to Sandeep? What happens if I lose the Pen Drive / if I change my computer? Will I surely get a 760+ score? How is the GRE course different from the classroom course? Is the material covered in the GRE course enough?

For many other questions, we have compiled a list of FAQs. Please go through the below PDF (FAQs) fully and watch all the GREs.

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